Quick Tips Expert Tool Set

Quick Tips Expert Tool Set

Part Number: DYNT0100

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Dynamite's Quick Tips Export Tool Set is compatible with just about any capable power drill or screwdriver. Speed up your wrenching time and lets you have more time at the wheel and on the track.

1/4" drive handle
5mm nut driver (65mm long)
5.5mm nut driver (65mm long)
7mm nut driver (65mm long)
8mm nut driver (65mm long)
1.5mm hex driver (50mm long)
2.0mm hex driver (50mm long)
2.5mm hex driver (50mm long)
Reusable pouch 


  • 1/4" drive stystem
  • Most popular sizes for Metric sized hex-head screws and nuts used in 1/10th scale competition level vehicles
  • Machine ground HSS (high speed steel) hex driver tips
  • Tips are laser-marked with the hex size
  • Red anodized aluminum handle with magnetic attachment system


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