LiPo Glow Driver with Battery and Charger

LiPo Glow Driver with Battery and Charger

Part Number: DYN1926

MSRP: $29.99
Available for*: $26.99

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  • LiPo powered, providing higher power output versus NiMH glow drivers
  • Switching power transfer (low heat dissapation)
  • LED indicator light allows users to detect if the glow plug is good or not
  • Includes a 1S 1200mAh Li-Po battery and charger
  • Fits all glow plugs
  • High-technology regulator, output voltage is 1.5V
  • 2.5mm DC Jack, Center pin positive charge hole



PRODUCT RECALL: Dynamite Li-Po Glow Driver with Battery and Charger (DYN1926) Sold In Canada

June 4, 2013

Product: DYN1926 Dynamite Glow Driver with Battery and Charger.

Defect Issue: This product recall addresses the Dynamite Glow Driver Wall Charger sold in Canada. This charger has not been evaluated for any Canadian Standards and does not bear any recognized certification mark. Horizon Hobby is recalling this product from the Canadian marketplace.

What To Do: Return the product to Horizon Hobby by following the process detailed under Corrective Action below. Consumers following the process will receive a check in the amount of $26.99 USD approximately 14 – 21 days after the charger is returned.

Corrective Action

    • Please complete the electronic Return Request form by clicking here or pasting this link ( into your browser.
    • Upon receipt of the completed form, a prepaid shipping label will be sent to you via email. If no email address is provided on the Return Request form, the shipping label will be mailed to you. Return your charger, along with a printed copy of the completed Return Request form. Upon receipt of the product, Horizon Hobby will issue a check in the amount of $26.99 USD. Please allow 14 – 21 days for processing and delivery.

We apologize for this inconvenience. Horizon disclaims all liability and warranties for any consumer failing to act upon this product recall.

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