Dynamite's Super Sport Wheels & Tires

Posted:  Monday, May 10, 2004
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Drive In Style

Price, value and style-three very important considerations when choosing what your car will drive on. Dynamite's Super Sport Wheels finish at the top in all three categories.

Not only are these wheels available at a wildly inexpensive price, but each package contains four sport wheels at the same price you might normally pay for just two. Dynamite Sport Wheels are available with either gold or chrome plating for grand driving style and with your choice of five, six, ten or sixteen spokes. They have zero degrees off-set, and are 24mm wide to fit most vehicles.

Plus, Dynamite knows you want to hit the track in a hurry. Who wants to bother with messy gluing and mounting? With Dynamite Super Sports, you just screw them on and go. Each wheel includes a high-quality preglued and assembled Ride tire with a foam insert that provides excellent traction. Choose from one of three hot tread patterns: slick, U-groove or radial.

5-Spoke Chrome Wheel, Slick (4)
6-Spoke Gold Wheel, Slick (4)
10-Spoke Chrome Wheel, Slick (4)
16-Spoke Chrome Wheel, Radial (4)